Energy Conservation Wheels

NovelAire Technologies’ Energy Conservation Wheel (ECW) is designed to provide the highest energy efficiency in the industry. The product is known for its rugged durability and overall performance.

NovelAire is one of very few air-to-air energy recovery wheel manufacturers whose product is certified to by AHRI (Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute) as complying with AHRI Standard 1060.


In applications where ventilation is required, energy wheels are used to reduce the initial investment in HVAC equipment and to reduce energy consumption, thus operating costs. Since HVAC equipment is typically the largest single source of energy consumption in residential and commercial buildings, ECW investments are justified on most new and retrofit HVAC systems with 15% or more outdoor air make-up. In new HVAC installations, ECWs also allow ventilated systems to be sized with smaller compressors, condensers, and other vapor compression cycle components, lowering first cost of the HVAC package.

The ECW is a rotary counter flow air-to-air heat exchanger capable of transferring both sensible and latent (enthalpy) heat between air streams. The wheel rotates between streams.

Latent transfer is especially important in cooling applications, since as much as half the cooling loads of make-up air may be latent in some climates.