Dehumidification Wheels

NovelAire Technologies offers a variety of desiccant wheels throughout the world to meet the requirements of various dehumidification applications.

State-of-the art technology, combined with industry renowned customer service and rugged, quality products, make NovelAire the reliable choice for more than 500 original equipment manufacturers worldwide.


NovelAire desiccant wheels and dehumidifiers are installed in hospitals, retail facilities, supermarkets, office buildings, clean rooms, industrial sites, and other dehumidification applications where corrosion protection, condensation control, and mold and mildew control are needed.

For desiccant-based humidity control applications, NovelAire developed a state-of the-art, temperature resistant substrate that incorporates the latest breakthrough in adsorbent desiccant technology. Our patented substrate allows for a substantial increase in moisture removal while keeping the energy requirements low.

NovelAire dehumidification wheels have been rigorously performance tested by independent laboratories. Airflow, temperature, and humidity measurements were all performed following ASHRAE standards using state-of-the-art test facilities and standard statistical design of experiment procedures. Computer models have been developed using this data.